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What You Need to Know About Juul

What You Need to Know About Juul

A JUUL is a compact, sleek electronic cigarette, such as the Geek Bar and Elf Bar, that is very popular among those trying to kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.

The JUUL initially caused a stir in the vaping industry because of its simplicity. It is claimed that JUUL users who have quit smoking were able to break the difficult addiction and quit smoking thanks to the device.

Let’s Examine Five Things You Need To Know About Juul.

What Exactly is a Juul?

JUUL is an electronic device that vaporizes “e-liquid” into an aerosol that can be inhaled by the user. The only replaceable component of the JUUL device is the non-refillable electronic liquid pods that slot into the top.

It is a draw-activated device without buttons. Basically, to activate the JUUL, you inhale, then draw on the device until you’re ready to breathe in the vapour from your mouth.

What Does the Name Juul Mean?

The name “JUUL” was originally derived from the name of PAX Labs, the company that manufactured the original device. As soon as JUUL became popular, the company renamed itself as JUUL to reflect the company’s flagship product.

What is the Nicotine Content of Juul?

JUUL pods come in nicotine strengths of 18 mg/ml and 9 mg/ml in the UK. The e-liquid content of both of these strengths is 0.7 millimetres.

JUUL’s e-liquid is made from nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, flavor, and benzoic acid, which is made using proprietary chemistry. A temperature-regulated pod is another feature of JUUL’s vapes, which the company claims is what makes their vapor experience “unique”.

JUUL Side Effects: What Are the Health Risks?

Which is Better, “Puff” or Juul?

Due to their convenience, ease of use, and variety of flavours, Puff Bars are preferred by most smokers over Juul.

JUUL pods cost £10.99 for four. Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid, so you get 2.8ml of e-liquid. Puffer bars come in a 3-pack for £10 and contain 1.3ml of e-liquid. The result is 3.9ml more e-liquid – an increase of almost 40%. A JUUL device itself, retailing for £9.99, is not included in this price comparison.

The Puff Bar offers the convenience of being disposed of entirely once it runs out of e-liquid, unlike the JUUL pods, which must be replaced every time the pod runs out of e-liquid. The majority of users find this to be much more convenient than maintaining a device constantly.

Do Juuls Come in Nicotine-Free Versions?

It doesn’t. In the current JUULpod range, there are no nicotine-free options available from the company. Currently, the lowest nicotine concentration available in the United Kingdom is 9 mg/ml.

To Conclude

E-cigarettes such as JUUL, Geek Bar and Elf Bar, popular alternatives to traditional cigarettes, are an easy and convenient way to quit.

JUUL pods have both a high nicotine content and a high price, which are factors to consider before you quit smoking. JUULs do not currently offer nicotine-free variants, so they are not the ideal smoking cessation product for some people who want to stop using nicotine products altogether.

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