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How Do I Talk To Someone Who Is Depressed?

How Do I Talk To Someone Who Is Depressed?

From the perspective of the affected person, it is best to visit a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. What should the relatives of such a person do? How to talk to someone who is depressed

How Do You Recognize Depression?

Depression affects an increasing part of our society. It is easily confused with sadness, discouragement, or a depressed mood. However, if for a long time we observe that someone close to us lacks energy, optimism and willingness to act – it may turn out to be something more than the autumn chandra. Of course, we will not be able to spot all the symptoms of depression as external observers. A depressed person usually suffers “on the inside”, which he experiences as sleep disturbances, concentration disorders, irritability and a general decline in psychophysical form. Sometimes the first symptoms are headaches, stomachaches or the presence of anxiety.

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Depression is a mental disorder that may differ slightly from person to person. Sometimes it is chronic fatigue, permanent pessimism, low self-esteem, decreased libido, problems with sleep and appetite, concentration disorders, but also somatic complaints, e.g. headaches, gastrointestinal problems, muscle pain. Of course, if you feel tired or have frequent headaches, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed. In the first place, it is necessary to rule out the somatic reasons for this state of affairs.

So what can we do? First of all, we should be vigilant and if something unusual in the behavior of a family member or friend comes to our attention, we should not underestimate it. What if we already know that someone next to us is depressed?

Depression In A Loved One – How To Help?

The feeling of being understood and accepted is an important factor in our well-being – especially in the case of a depressed person. If we want to help, let’s start with a conversation. First of all, let’s listen to what a person close to us has to say, let’s not interrupt, let’s not say it is temporary, let’s not change the subject. Let our interlocutor feel that we really want to understand him, devote his time to him. Remember that talking about such negative feelings is difficult. Not everyone will open right away. At the beginning, we may meet with reluctance. At this stage, phrases like “how can I help you?” and simply being around the suffering person does a lot. We also have to be patient – such a conversation may turn out to be unpleasant and burdensome for us.

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What Not To Tell Your Loved Ones Who Are Depressed?

Most often, when we see a person close to us in a worse mood, we tend to use phrases such as: “get a grip”, “others have more problems”, “I don’t know what you care about so much?”. Unfortunately, the use of this type of wording may be counterproductive. Such slogans may even exacerbate symptoms, give a greater sense of non-acceptance, and thus progress with withdrawal from social life.

We have another situation when we react to information about the depression of a loved one with the words: “it will be fine”, “do not worry”. From our perspective, it may seem that we are understanding the person, but to them it is not like that. As a rule, they feel alone with their problem and no one on the outside knows what they really feel. Therefore, ensuring that everything will surely work out can make our interlocutor feel utterly misunderstood.