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Family Alcoholism: How Can I Get an Alcoholic to Get Treatment?

Family Alcoholism: How Can I Get an Alcoholic to Get Treatment?

Each of us knows at least one alcohol addict. They are often close relatives (family or friends) who have been struggling with alcoholism for years. Not always the alcoholic admits to his own problem. On the other hand, a conversation about starting therapy is associated with a denial of reality and a conflict. What is help for alcoholics, and how can I get an alcoholic to undergo treatment?

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Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction

An alcoholic is not always easy to recognize. Especially in the first stage of alcoholism. Symptoms of alcoholism are not always visible at first glance – especially in Polish culture that has been promoting alcohol for centuries. Each of us has heard many times, “Won’t you have a drink with me?” or “You’re not drinking – are you okay?” Since, among many, the consumption of alcohol incorrectly indicates a certain norm, or even human value, often the symptoms are downplayed and explained by the alcoholic’s party nature or other factors.

However, there comes a point when the addiction grows stronger. Then it is easier for us to notice the disturbing behavior of the alcoholic. Like any addiction, alcoholism is characterized by typical symptoms of addiction that should worry us either in a loved one or ourselves. So how do you know an alcoholic in your family?

  • Lie, escape from responsibility,
  • ignoring daily duties,
  • avoiding contact with family, friends and acquaintances,
  • problems at work,
  • aggression, anger, provoking a quarrel,
  • closing in on yourself,
  • abandonment of previous interests and others.

The above symptoms may also indicate an addiction to another drug. Therefore, it is worth adding the smell of alcohol from that person in everyday circumstances. Bottles with alcohol hidden in various parts of the apartment, and most of all problems with refraining from alcohol and moderation.

Alcoholic At Home – What To Do?

How can I get an alcoholic to undergo treatment? The forum is full of questions of this type. Is it possible at all? Can an alcoholic be forced into compulsory treatment, and how can this be done?

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Alcoholism affects not only the addicted person, but also everyone who has close contact with this person. The effectiveness of therapy depends on the willingness and motivation of the alcoholic. Therefore, he should take the appropriate steps to stay sober himself. Nevertheless, it is worth talking to the addicted person, persuading them to treatment and supporting them in the therapy process. Unfortunately, such actions do not always bring the expected results. If the alcoholic in the family often becomes aggressive and is unwilling to change, it is time to consider compulsory treatment.