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Best Rimless Prescription Glasses from Oakley and More

Prescription Glasses

People often stick with their full-rimmed prescription glasses and hardly spare a thought for other types. The main issue with full-rimmed glasses is their weight, although it makes them quite strong and durable. If you are looking to shed some weight from heavy glasses, then you can opt for rimless glasses that are made without any frames to the lenses. They are so lightweight and comfortable, you may even forget you are wearing them!

The chances of damage though remain high on such rimless glasses, but it is their effective lightweight feature that really delights customers. Any glasses are prone to damage so this cannot be a reason to skip wearing rimless. They look both vintage and stylish. With high-quality lenses and a best price guarantee from SmartBuyGlasses, you can forget all other worries.

Top Rimless Prescription Glasses To Consider from Oakley and More

While many prescription glasses wearers have only considered “Oakley OX5118 WINGFOLD EVR 511804” for regular purposes due to strong and quality titanium frames, people are certainly observing other brands as well. But as opposed to other brands, the Oakley model is categorically unique and desirable with seductive Satin Midnight Blue color frames in a rectangular shape.

However, apart from Oakley, you may also like to bring some high esteem with other top brands that serve well with intense versatility and design. This guide will explore the 5 best rimless prescription glasses from other top brands and help you with the selection process if you wish to purchase any.

Prescription Glasses

Gucci GG0399O 002

Prescription Glasses

The Gucci Glasses give intense personality with a majestic golden colour to accentuate any enthusiast and more surprisingly, they are available with professional prescription lenses that together form a great online saving idea for you. The metallic golden frames in square shapes have excited many in the UK who like to get customisable lenses with them.

Diesel DL5043 014

Prescription Glasses

If you are not satisfied with Gucci models, then you can always jump to Diesel that also offers a high-end and fashionable collection of glasses. This Diesel model is made superior with durable metallic frames to match any personality with any outfit. If you are a corporate or regular reader, then you may find it extremely useful with integrated nose pads, optical hinges, and a non-slip system.

SmartBuy Collection Fumiko TT-137 004

Prescription Glasses

Are you stuck with the budget issues while buying rimless prescription glasses? Don’t worry at all, as the latest models from the SmartBuy Collection will give superior quality with a price-friendly nature. With standard lenses, it only costs £65, which you can pay with an exciting installment service from ClearPay. At such a price, you are also getting durable titanium frames that are available in many colours. With SmartBuy Collection Fumiko glasses, you are getting a cheap rimless solution in a striking square shape. Check out the rest of the collection for options under a tenner!

Porsche Design P8341 E

Prescription Glasses

Brace yourself for a stunning model from Porsche Design. The metallic frames of these glasses are surprisingly hypoallergenic and lightweight too and wearing them will offer superior crystal clear vision to amaze you. You can also get customized lenses for these glasses that will match any outfit and face structure.

Ray-Ban Tech RX8725 Light Ray 1028

Prescription Glasses

If you are tired of the search, then you can always come back to the basics with classic Ray-Ban Tech collection glasses. You can also add the blue light blocking feature with such glasses. The best part of the glasses is that they have durable titanium frames.

Note that you will be surprised with over 80,000 models from SmartBuyGlasses that are added with an exciting 24-month warranty and free shipping solutions.