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BetterMan Labs –  The company that is “Normalizing” the Idea that men should look after themselves too.

The company BetterMan® Labs is very well-known for their complete, premium range of Herbal-based products specially developed for the Better Men passionate about their Health, Beauty, Fitness & Mental Well – Being. BetterMan has helped hundreds of thousands of Men across the globe live a better life as they age with their most popular herbal remedy – The BetterMan Natural Testosterone Booster.

As Low Testosterone levels have started to become a common issue all over the world, recent studies have shown that on average 70% of Men over 25 years old suffer from the side effects of Low Testosterone levels. Many men take the decision to go on a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to counter the effects of low testosterone, however TRT can carry side effects too.

While TRT fixes the problem with Low-T levels, in the same time causes havoc for other hormones in your body such as elevated Estrogen, Low FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) levels which directly leads to testicular atrophy. There are other unpleasant symptoms that may come with TRT such as worsening sleep apnea – A potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Acne and enlarged prostate are other common issues from considering synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Thanks to Mother Nature, there are 100% Natural substances that are proven to be effective. BetterMan Natural Testosterone Booster features a synergistic combination of premium herbs that are proven to increase Luteinizing hormone which gives a signal to the pituitary glands as well as the testicles to start producing more testosterone. The herbs inside the 100% Natural Booster by BetterMan , work synergistically, which means that the combination of these herbs is more effective than if they were taken solo.

It has been reported that Worldwide T-Levels are dropping rapidly compared to previous generations. With that being said, your Grand Dad has had higher levels of testosterone than you do now. The decline is due to lifestyle changes as well as the exposure (in the womb and through life) to endocrine disrupting chemicals such as pesticides.

In his book “Listen to your hormones”, Dr. Kryger discusses that the root of the problem is in the pesticides sprayed on crops which are then ingested by animals. The pesticides are not being able to be metabolized and they get stored in the fat ready to be consumed by people. This vicious cycle may be responsible for the global decline in testosterone levels as well as fertility rates. It is fair to say that a healthy lifestyle and herbal testosterone supplements is the best option to overcome these chemicals responsible for disrupting our natural hormone balance.

The #1 Natural Testosterone Booster in the UK by BetterMan Labs, contains premium herbal extracts of Tribulus Terrestris (90% Saponins) and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. What makes the BetterMan booster stand out above the rest is the premium ingredients. – The Tribulus Terrestris extract is not growing the same around the world. The Phytochemistry samples of Tribulus, collected from various parts of the world, differ significantly. Among the steroidal saponins present in this herb, furostanol saponins are isolated only from Tribulus Terrestris of Bulgarian origin. This saponin has been proven to increase testosterone levels naturally as well as provide the body with many other health benefits.

According to the company spokesperson, the BetterMan Natural Testosterone booster is featuring herbs that are freshly cultivated and collected from zones known to yield highly concentrated, bio-available active ingredients.

The results of this amazing product are verified by the buyers themselves with hundreds of 5-star ratings all over the social handle of the BetterMan Labs. Customer comments such as “Being Called skinny from the school days to being one of the most important people in my office I can’t thank BetterMan Labs enough for helping me to get the confidence and body I needed.”

The ground-breaking scientifically proven 100% natural remedy is what BetterMan Labs tried to achieve from the beginning of its establishment, and as per the reports, they have reached the goal without any problems. As the BetterMan Labs said, “To Create a Product that sets the standards for quality!” and they delivered it without any doubts.

The results of this miraculous Herbal Testosterone Booster is also verified by the customers themselves with hundreds of 5-star ratings all over the Internet. Customer comments such as:

“Without doubt the best supplement I have ever taken” – Adam Chisnell. Adam also shares that over the past 30 years he has been a regular gym goer and have tried all kinds of supplements from creatine to L carnitine to amino acids, but the BetterMan testosterone booster has to be the best training supplement he have ever had from a natural source. Adam mentions that his natural energy, endurance have increased tremendously and that this is the best supplement you can take as a man of 48 years old.

Another client also mentions that BetterMan has saved his marriage saying also – “Happy wife – Happy life”.

You can also read more of what BetterMan Labs happy clients are saying at: Reviews – BetterMan Labs

The ground-breaking scientifically proven 100% natural remedy is what BetterMan Labs tried to achieve from the beginning of its establishment, and as per the reports and client reviews, they have reached the goal without any problems. As BetterMan Labs said, “To Create a Product that sets the standards for quality!” and they delivered it without any doubts.

You can also discover the full range of products which are targeting other various health conditions such as Male Pattern Baldness and Stained (Yellow teeth). BetterMan has a full range of products to treat hair loss, increase hair growth and stop hair breakage in Men due to DHT build-up.

The all natural – Blue Shampoo is containing 3 key ingredients, which work synergistically to combat hair loss. Caffeine , Saw Palmetto extracts and Biotin. independent studies suggest that Caffeine inhibits the side effects of testosterone on hair growth. It also promotes hair shaft elongation and extends the hair growth phase, while saw Palmetto extracts acts as a natural DHT blockers as well as it also reduces the build up of DHT in the scalp. Biotin is proven to increase Keratin synthesis, which is the building block of hair.

The Blue shampoo contains other natural ingredients that will help your hair stay nourished, clean and protected from damaging factors. The shampoo goes hand in hand with their all natural, 9 herbal ingredients hair growth spray which contains scientifically proven ingredients that enhance hair growth and stop hair loss due to DHT Build-up.

BetterMan also understands how important it is to have a beautiful smile as this leads to more confidence which in return allows you to achieve more in life. As most Teeth Whitening procedures are painful and harmful to the teeth due to the peroxides involved, the Professional Teeth Whitening kit by BetterMan contains 0% peroxides. Instead it contains an innovative ingredient recently discovered and proven to be as effective as peroxide , but without the negative effects for the enamel.

The diversified product range is what makes the company unique. BetterMan Labs takes men’s health and confidence very seriously and provides only premium products that help men live a better life as they age. We are excited to see what will be the next products released by BetterMan Labs.