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Magic Of Fruits In Providing Significant Nutrients

In the age where there is a deficiency of nutrients in our youth who then suffer from all kinds of diseases like weak bones, deficiency of red blood cells, and other related diseases which can prove fatal in the long run. Hence we must provide our youth with more nutrient-rich food so that they can face the world head-on! Such a nutrient-rich food is Dragon fruit

But first what is dragon fruit? Also known as Pitaya, this fruit is native to parts of America like Mexico, South and Central America and is a fruit of various cactus species. This is a roughly oval-shaped fruit that has many spikes on top of it. It has a mildly sweet flavor which is often described as a mixture of pear and kiwi. Under-ripe dragonfruit is similarly described as being flavorless.

The many nutrients inside dragon fruit include; a great amount of protein, fiber, carbs and little to no amount of fats are present. They also include vitamin C, almost 3% of the daily required amount. With the addition of iron, they are also beneficial, bagging almost 4 percent of the daily required amount. But the nutrient that outweighs all these is Magnesium. Having almost 10 percent of the daily intake requirement, it is the amplest nutrient found inside this magnificent fruit.


The region where this fruit is most common is around America. This includes the region of Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and other regions in the north of South America. They are also cultivated in the southern part of Asia, namely India. More regions include the United States, Australia, the Caribbean. From these regions, we can conclude that the best climate for the growth of this fruit is tropical.

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The Proper Way To Eat It

The best way to eat a dragon fruit is to look for one that has bright red-colored skin which is evenly spread throughout the whole fruit. You can then use a sharp, large knife to cut through the fruit, preferably through the middle. It is then your choice to either cut it into cubes or eat it as it is with a spoon. They can also be used as an ingredient in various recipes. They can be eaten with Greek yogurt or can be added to a salad and then eaten. Rest assured that in all cases the nutrients and the benefits of the fruit will not be harmed.


This fruit has many benefits that compel the masses towards it. First and foremost, it has very low calories so you won’t have to worry about gaining weight when eating it. Comparing this to the fact that it is packed with nutrients, it is the whole package. They prevent the spreading of diseases that in the worst-case scenario may result in death. Apart from these, tests have shown that these fruits reduce the worsening of diabetes and may increase the results of insulin in a more favorable environment.