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Interesting Facts About Coils


The vape coils are an indispensable component of a vaping kit. They are also known as atomiser heads or clearomisers. There are varieties of vape coils available in the market depending on the material and resistance. Anyone who is new to the vaping industry may be unclear on which coil to choose from the shelf to have a smooth vaping process. This article will help you in making the right choice so as to turn your experience into a memorable one.

The basic mechanism of the coil is to convert the power from the battery into heat which in turn heats the E liquid which is converted into massive aromatic clouds to be enjoyed by the vapers. The coil is a replaceable part of the vaping kit which has to be changed depending on the factors such as usage, wear or tear and any other fault. The vape coils can be a single coil, dual coil , quad coil. Single coil means one wick and one coil wire, dual coil has two wicks and two coil wires. Single coil requires less battery power to heat the E liquid whereas dual coils and above category produces massive flavoursome clouds.

Quality of The Vape Coils


The resistant wire and the absorbent material are the factors which determine the quality of the coil. The different materials of the coil are Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel and Nickel and Titanium.

Kanthal: It is an inexpensive alloy and is easy to hold the shape when formed into a coil. It is a combination of aluminium, iron and chromium.  With a quick heating turnaround time one is sure to get an impressive amount of vapours.

Nichrome: It is a combination of nickel and chromium. Like Kanthal it is very popular however has lower resistance and gets heated faster. As it has a lower melting point one has to be extremely cautious, if the wicking material is dry it could easily catch fire.

Stainless steel: It constitutes of chromium, nickel and carbon. It works well with wattage mode and temperature control. It also holds the shape when formed into the coils. One has to be careful, that one should not dry burn it as it might release toxic chemicals.

Next in line of utmost significance, which a vaper should know is about the resistance of the coils. Standard coils are the coils with a resistance greater than 1 ohm and is used in a regular vape tank which means they use less power so one can vape for a prolonged period. Even the usage of E liquid will be less. This is famous with those who are new to vaping. On the other hand, sub ohm coil with the resistance of less than 1 ohm which means more power can pass through, which in turn heats the E liquid quickly results in hence massive vapour production and hence appropriate for the cloud chasers. There is more consumption of E liquids and is suitable for DTL (direct to lung) user.


The absorbent material for vaping also plays an instrumental role in getting the memorable experience.  The wick has to be made of such a material, that it can be efficient E liquid absorber and at the same time should retain the original taste of the vape juice.

The most popular wicking material is cotton as is widely available, and inexpensive. As it is a natural fibre which is in demand as it absorbs the E liquid efficiently.

Rayon Wicks

Though Rayon is as effective as cotton and when used as wick material absorbs the E liquid effectively and efficiently. However, people are of the view that Rayon wicks do not retain the original flavour of the E liquid and also it is a synthetic fibre.

Stainless Steel and Silica Wicks Are Not Very Popular These Days.


Before choosing a vape coil it is always better to gain a thorough knowledge about the resistance of the coil, the wick material and the last one is the material the coil is made up of as these are the three factors to be considered while choosing a vape coils.