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The Most Common Things that Accelerate Aging in Men

Do you know what will happen to your body system when abusing or using alcohol and drugs for an extended period? Many individuals know that alcohol can cause a series of health problems but ignore the fact that alcohol abuse causes aging. Men are the most affected, but there is a way to reverse some aging effects. Continue reading to discover more.

Chronic heavy alcohol drinking may bring physical and premature aging with notable signs, especially for men. In this informative post, we’ll look in-depth at the aging process and recommend effective ways to prevent early aging. In addition, several programs to overcome alcohol and drug use.

What is Aging?

Aging is the natural progressive spanning process for the body, from optimal maturity performance to gradual diminishing functionality in the entire body. Our bodies carry over 13 trillion cells infused with tissues and organs. Hazardous drugs and alcohol use minimize the reproduction of the cells accelerating the aging process for users quickly.

Apart from drug addiction, accelerated aging can also occur when biological age increases over chronological age due to genetic interaction or environmental factors. Aging affects effective body systems differently, weakening their productivity. Knowledge is power understanding how to maintain your body younger, mind, and live a healthier life will help avoid earlier aging.

Causes of Aging in Men

Alcohol Drinking

Alcohol drinking is the highway most men find themselves driving while knowing the consequences awaiting at the end. Alcohol drinking has several hazardous effects that accelerate the aging process in men. For example, excessive drinking affects the liver, kidney and causes broken blood vessels and thin spider veins.

Alcohol is a spontaneous diuretic substance that dehydrates your body, allowing the skin to sag, damage organs, and loses shape. Alcohol affects the male reproductive system by reducing the testicular tissues, testosterone leading to erection problems and infertility to prolonged users.

Heavy drinkers often have poor muscle tones and discolored facial skin with marks making them look older than their actual age. Limiting alcohol intake minimizes the work your liver should do, flushing impurities and toxins from the body. You should remember that alcohol promotes aging in men and that’s all the more reason why you need to get in touch with rehab centers in Florida


Men smoke more than women, and the median life of a smoker is reduced by ten years, causing early aging. Nicotine and other toxins minimize oxygen supply and nutrients to the skin by narrowing the blood vessels decreasing blood circulation. Smoking destroys surface cells that affect the quality of the skin leading to deep wrinkles, skin dryness, and other signs of premature aging.

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Additionally, smoking reduces the rate of sperm production and damages the brain, vascular and pulmonary systems. Other chronic diseases like cancer caused by excessive smoking can speed up the aging process. Smoking generates many aging signs after a short time of using tobacco and cigarettes because they carry thousands of chemicals.


Psychological stress accelerates premature aging because telomeres shorten quickly in the cells. As you grow, stress tends to increase, and too much pressure forms high cortisol that causes wrinkles. Chronic stress can maximize inflammation as the stress hormones break down elastin and collagen, accelerating skin aging.

Research has shown that men are affected with untreated depression, anxiety attacks, unemployment, and social isolation. These factors reduce the length of DNA strands speeding up premature mortality and morbidity. Inflammation causes several pathologies that in turn accelerate aging triggered by oxidative stress. Maintaining reasonable physical, mental, and emotional health is the best way to avoid stress and reduce premature aging.

Diet and Sleeping Habits

Always avoid foods with many fats as they clog and stiffen your blood vessels, causing oxidative stress. Too much caffeine intake causes dehydration leading to inflammation, accumulation of toxins, and collagen loss. Diet with refined carbohydrates and high sugar can speed up premature aging. Instead, focus on a diet with vitamins, proteins, whole grains, and low-fat as they fight inflammation avoiding early aging.

Insufficient sleep makes cells age faster, reducing skin health and cell functions as the body lacks enough time to recover after the sun exposer. Adequate sleep fuels the repair and restoration of tissues, cells, and organs. The body produces hormones that increase energy, youthful appearance, and strength when sleeping. A night of good sleep protects the brain, cardiovascular, and metabolic health, avoiding premature aging.

Sun Exposure

Do you know that too much sun exposure can cause premature aging? We all need sunlight for vitamin D to help in bone formation. The intense ultraviolet light from the sun can cause damage to the skin when the ultraviolet rays overpower melanin. Too much sun can burn the skin, minimize its elasticity, and create wrinkles, leading to early signs of aging.

Frequent overexposure to ultraviolet rays may cause sunburn and skin cancer as the powerful UV rays can kill or damage inner skin cells. The powerful ultraviolet rays can break down collagen, skin protein, and skin-firming, causing premature aging.

Lack of Exercise

Seating down without regular exercise is terrible for your metabolism and can accelerate premature aging. Exercise reduces aging, also improves digestive and immune systems, minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. High-intensity interval training and endurance exercise are the best for anti-aging. The workouts maximize telomerase activity for replication and growth of cells.

Exercise increases testosterone performance, insulin sensitivity, controls pressure, reduces cortisol levels, and improves fitness. Older people should focus on cardio workouts like jogging and running to keep the heart and body heath, minimizing the aging process. Set aside one hour every day exercising and reduce the risk of contracting many diseases and avoid premature aging.

Final Thoughts

Aging is a natural process that we all can’t avoid, but there are conscious things we can do to slow down the process. Living a healthy life free from alcohol and drugs can reduce premature aging. Also, creating adequate time to sleep can help with the growth and repair of damaged cells you can keep practicing to maintain your body young.

By eating a balanced diet and avoiding too much sunlight, you keep your body cell healthy while reducing aging signs. The elderly should seek treatment when the crucial body systems fail as this process affects cells in the entire body.