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6 Incredible Health and Fitness Benefits of Strength Training

6 Incredible Health and Fitness Benefits of Strength Training

One of the most popular workout theories that have been in existence for the past few years is that lifting weights is great for your health. But is it true? Yes, fortunately, this health and fitness theory is entirely accurate. Scientists all across the world have professed their love for weight training. We are not asking you to become professional bodybuilders by weight or strength training, but we are asking you to work out with a moderate amount of weight over time. According to the bloggers of FranklyHealth, strength training has a lot of positive effects on your body. In this blog, we are going to discuss the essential points in depth.

Best Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

The most important health benefits of strength training are provided below.

Strengthening of Bones 

Most of us start losing bone density when we reach the age of 30. Women face loss of bone density a lot more acutely than men. Over the years, as we grow older, our bones become less and less robust. This lack of bone density gives rise to osteoporosis. Lifting weights help everyone with strengthening their bones.

By resistance training, you get to be strong inside out. You will lose your bone mass at a much slower pace if you start strength training right now.

Boosting Metabolism

Many people have this misconception that by doing only cardio, they will be able to lose weight. In reality, it is not valid. Cardio certainly helps you lose weight, but it does not increase your body’s metabolism. Lifting weights, on the other hand, allow you to increase metabolism in your body. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that your body continues losing fat for the entire day while strength training.

On the other hand, cardio stops helping you lose weight right after you quit your workout. Moreover, if you grow more muscle, you will have an easier time losing fat. Lifting weight certainly helps you in increasing your muscle strength.

Regulating Insulin 

It is a scientifically proven fact that lifting weight helps you regulating your insulin by burning the glucose content of your body. Their physicians suggest many people with type 2 diabetes for weight training to better manage their blood sugar levels. Studies show that by strength training at least twice a week, your body successfully fights inflammation.

Even though the reason behind how strength training reduces inflammation is not apparent, it certainly works according to several scientific studies.

Improving Balance 

As we grow older, the balance of our bodies gets weakened. Strength training helps in bringing back the balance in your body by helping you grow endurance. By lifting weight, your legs and core get more muscular. This, in turn, helps in increasing your body balance.

The main reason behind the correlation between strength training and balance regain is that lifting weights helps you increase the mass muscle of your body. The increased muscle mass of your body helps you in recovering the strength and balance of your body.

Improving Your Posture 

Cardio helps you lose weight, but it does not allow you much with improving the posture of your body; lifting weights, on the other hand, helps in attaining a good posture. By strengthening your core and legs, your body gets a beautiful pose.

Strength training also helps you improve your sleep. By lifting weights, you will feel the pain in your joints diminish.

Increasing Endurance 

Working out is an excellent way to make yourself strong, but strength training is an even better way to increase your body’s endurance. By lifting weights, you will be able to do cardio for longer hours. After lifting weight for some time, you will soon feel the difference in the energy level of your body while walking, hiking, or running for long hours.

That is why so many runners do strength training religiously.

All the benefits of lifting weights included in this blog are pretty essential to everyone. No matter how old you are, strength training will help you in one way or another. We hope, after reading this blog, you got a dose of enthusiasm for lifting weights. So, what are you waiting for? Buy some consequences and start pumping!