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How to Have a Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

How to Have a Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

With the stresses of life that we deal with, the pressures of work that we carry, the responsibilities of family that we deal with, all of it can begin to weigh us down. That’s why we love going on holiday – sometimes, it doesn’t even matter where that holiday may be! We just want a break, a change of scenery, even just a short time away from the speed of normal life. The problem is the expense of it all. As everything is these days, the cost of holidays is going up. The prices that you see when you come to book a break away can make your eyes water and you may be losing hope in having a holiday at all. Fear not! There are ways to find a good deal and have a budget-friendly short break. Let’s consider a few practical tips and see how you can have the holiday you deserve without putting yourself under any further financial strain:

  • Think about the time of year. Now this may seem obvious, but there are peak and off-peak periods when it comes to booking holidays. If you can, try and book out of season times, such as the beginning of February or the end of November. Avoid school holidays and bank holiday weeks if you can, as the increase in demand makes the price go up with it. When browsing online, set a filter to find properties at the lowest price throughout the year.
  • Think Monday to Friday and avoid the weekends. Weekends are more expensive, and they’ll end up being busier and more stressful too. Lower the bill, and feel truly relaxed, by taking annual leave from work that includes the weekends but book only Monday to Friday in the accommodation. You’ll get the rest you need without dealing with the expense and the hassle of travelling at the weekend.
  • Leave the booking until the last minute. While this might sound like a bit of a gamble, properties that have imminent gaps in their bookings are likely to bring the price down to try and get people in. Even if they don’t advertise a last-minute booking, it might be worth contacting the owner or marketing agent to see if they can offer a discount due to the last-minute booking. At the same time, you need to be realistic. Even though the booking is last minute, the property owner will still need to cover the costs of cleaning and the utilities so don’t expect it for dirt cheap.

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  • Keep an eye out for cancellations on social media. Many businesses, like Luxury Coastal based in the South West, will advertise cancellations on their social media pages and while that’s disappointing for the original bookers, it’s a good chance to snap up a deal if you’re available for the days advertised.

You Can Get the Perfect Break for the Perfect Price

By doing your research and being a little more proactive, you can find a deal that means you have the relaxation of a lovely holiday without the burden of the big bill at the end. As travel has been restricted for so long, you may be dying to go on the first holiday you see advertised. As excited as you may be, remember to be cautious and diligent in seeking the best deal. It may take a little more time and perseverance, but you’ll be glad that you put the effort in when you don’t have to come home to an empty bank account and hours of overtime at work!