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If You Hold These Jobs, You Need to Wear PPE

If You Hold These Jobs, You Need to Wear PPE

The safety of the customers, colleagues, and workers is primarily essential in any workplace. One of the safety protocols certain workers practice is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Not all occupations require workers to wear PPE in their workplaces, though. The following are the occupations that require workers to wear PPE:

Food Service Employees 

The consumption of foods occurs in the internal parts of people’s bodies. People are very cautious in not having any bacteria in their foods. Even the accidental hair strands on foods are something restaurant customers frowned at right away. Additionally, kitchens typically have hazardous equipment that may be harmful. These toxins have many chances of getting into the foods cooked and prepared in the kitchen. Foodservice employees wear PPEs such as hairnets and caps to keep bacteria and other harmful and unhealthy elements from foods. Examples of foodservice employees are chefs, waiters and waitresses, and restaurant hosts.

Health Care Professionals 


Health care professionals primarily comprise nurses and doctors. Health care professionals constantly contact bodily bacteria while being near ill patients. So, they have to be extra cautious not to get the bacteria from patients. Getting bacteria and viruses from patients can cause nurses and doctors to become ill. When situations worsen, nurses and doctors transmit these viruses to other people. Examples of PPEs doctors and nurses wear face masks and hairnets. Doctors and nurses wear isolation gowns when they execute surgeries. Furthermore, health care professionals have been wearing face shields in response to the current pandemic crisis that people globally have been experiencing.



Vehicles comprise many harmful chemicals that mechanics are likely to inhale while working. The PPE mechanics put on while working on cars are bodily protection, hand protection, and respiratory protection equipment that they can put on while fixing or welding parts of vehicles.

Nail Technicians 


To avoid inhaling harmful acetone fumes, nail technicians wear surgical masks. The surgical masks nail technicians wear also protect them from nail glue and dust from people’s flying nails in salons.

Event Stewards 

Event stewards protect their eardrums from the loud music that plays in festivals and concerts by wearing ear defenders. Violent incidents sometimes occur in the workplaces of these workers. So, stewards wear high visibility PPEs as protective shields in response to aggressive or chaotic incidents.

Chemical Plant Workers 

PPEs protect chemical plant workers from dangerous toxins to respiratory systems and skin. The hands of chemical plant workers frequently come into contact with toxins. They deliver materials to processing areas, put ingredients into hoppers, operate machines to heat excellent chemical solutions, fill and fasten covers on containers, and put labels and information on products.

Baggage Handlers 


Baggage handlers lift and move big luggage in airports from one area to another. The exertion of physical energy for completing this task requires the said workers to wear PPE. Protective gloves are also things baggage handlers need to have resources to grip on when they encounter wet or slippery surfaces at work.

Professional Window Cleaners 


Window cleaners that clean giant skyscrapers are at high risk of falling. So, they wear PPE to keep themselves safe while working. These window cleaners put on safety harnesses, gloves with grips, and clothing appropriate for the current weather.

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