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What Is The Hype About Vaping?

Have you heard about vaping? Why is there so much noise about it? You must be thinking what is it? Vaping is the new trend being followed by smokers. They are shifting to a new way of doing it. The vapes are vapours of nicotine and not smoke. Basically, in this new method, the tobacco is not burnt but heated to a high temperature enough to turn it into fumes. There are inhaled by the user directly. Though there are people who believe this is better and safer for the user as well. But there is no evidence that can prove their claim. All we know is that they do not pollute the environment as they do not create smoke, rather only fumes. You can try them for yourself by buying themat a local vape store or an online vape shop.

So How Can One Use Vapes?

There are two types of vapes: disposable and rechargeable. The disposable vapes are the smaller and more stylish ones. These are preferred by the first-time users to give it a shot. Also, those who like to try a new flavour every now and then, use these vapes. They can buy different vapes from vape store when they like. Also, those who use vapes after a long break does not have to carry them around, they can buy them when they want to consume them. Also, this is a pen-like design that is easy to carry. So that once you are done the user can just throw it away. When you order these on an online vape shop you may come across different offers that will give a pack of mixed flavours for the vapes so that you can enjoy variety.

Is vaping bad for you?

More About The Rechargeable Version

In this, there is a device and it has replaceable or refillable pods. These are basically the cartridges for the device that carry e-liquid. It is 1-3 ml of nicotine base salt. The batteries are easily available and mostly rechargeable. A single charge can last you a full day. So if you travel a lot, feel free to carry it around the whole day and charge it when you are back home. You can use different flavour pods each time for fun and excitement. Unlike a traditional cigarette, there are many flavours that you can enjoy. There are flavours like minty, fruity, and much more. When the user begins to inhale from the mouthpiece the sensor is switched on and fumes are formed. They go straight to the throat and are not supposed to hit you hard. The users are quite happy with the results. They feel content for longer and satisfaction is for longer even in the same amount of nicotine. There is no wastage in the form of smoke. Vapes are safer as there is no fire and there is voltage control and no shock. The pods can be replaced whenever you like. The same device can be used for different flavours also.