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The Features That The Reglazing Of The Glasses Provide For The Users

The Features That The Reglazing Of The Glasses Provide For The Users

Want to get the additional features when you buy glasses? What if you have been using digital screens without any blue light protection? Or you are already done with the glare that has been falling on your glasses while driving. You can buy eyeglasses online.

So now, when you are planning to introduce these features in your glasses, you must have the thought of getting the new glasses. Well, now that could be completely eliminated, and get your anti-blue light glasses or any other coating with just getting your glasses reglazed. And how does that work?

What Are Reglazing Glasses?

As we discussed, what if you have an urgent requirement for a change in prescription, or need anti-blue light glasses, to get your work done. The best method to get your requirements done is to get your glasses reglazed. In reglazing glasses, you can get all new lenses as per the requirement that too in your old frames. You can even reglaze my glasses for a different prescription at a low price. Why are the prices so low? As you get the reglazing done, that is being done in your old glasses, so the prices get automatically low. The method becomes much pocket-friendly when you get your brand new lenses at your old frame.

Now let’s look at some of the features that you could add while reglazing glasses.

The Additional Features

Anti-blue light glasses- This pandemic has forced us to move our workings and life in front of digital screens. And what were the ill effects that have actually been faced due to this move? Our life in front of these is indefinite, but what happens is that this has made us exposed to the blue light. What is blue light? It’s the part of a visible light spectrum that is emitted from natural and artificial sources as well.

Artificial sources include our digital screens and LED lights, and natural sunlight. So these lights directly enter our eyes, it causes eye strain and fatigue and even causes major and minor headaches as well. And do you know, these lights are even responsible for affecting your sleep cycle? It’s exactly true, that is the reason during the night it is usually recommended to switch to night mode or avoid using digital screens. So anti-blue light coating helps in completely blocking the blue light from reaching the eyes; this also helps in increasing productivity as well, as all the negatives related to your digital screens have been eliminated.

Varifocals – If you have a requirement for varifocal glasses, then that can also be done with reglazing service. You know what varifocals are right? And if not, let’s understand them in detail. Varifocal lenses are lenses with three refractive zones that are near, intermediate, and far, and the best part about them is that there is no point of division between any of these zones that can be actually seen in bifocal glasses. In bifocal glasses, there are two refractive zones that are near and far, and the point of division in both the zones is actually quite visible. It does not promote a smooth transition of vision between both the zones, and this discomfort is completely eliminated in the case of varifocal lenses. They are the perfect pick for people who are above 40 and looking for a perfect object that supports their eye health.

Photochromic lenses- Have you ever heard of magic? These lenses are exactly what magic stands for. Photochromic lenses are quite technical so let’s understand them in detail. So imagine having normal prescription glasses indoors, and then you decide to take a walk on a sunny day, so as soon as you move out, these glasses get covered in a dark tint, just acting like prescription sunglasses. These glasses change their tint automatically without any external help. These glasses are engineered in such a way that it automatically changes their tint as soon as it comes in contact with sunlight and the darkness of the tint varies from the intensity of sunlight falling on them.

Anti-UV protection- Just as your skin requires protection from the harmful UV radiation, in the same way, our naked eye is easily exposed to UV lights. So when protecting your skin with clothes and skin, then why not your eyes? This delivery can better be done by protecting your eyes with anti-UV glasses. These glasses completely block this light from entering the eyes, which helps in avoiding any pertaining eye issues caused in the future due to UV rays.