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Factors Surgeons Should Consider Before Purchasing a Liposuction Aspirator

Factors Surgeons Should Consider Before Purchasing a Liposuction Aspirator

There is a high rise in the demand for nonsurgical liposuction aspirators. As such, surgeons are investing more in these liposuction machines to meet the patients’ growing needs. However, these devices tend not to deliver the advantages and profits they were promised.

Meanwhile, the surgical liposuction aspirators can improve outcomes and minimize costs to the patients due to their advancements. However, cosmetic surgeons should consider several factors before investing in any liposuction devices as there are still advantages of traditional liposuction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nonsurgical Liposuction

In the last few years, nonsurgical liposuction has become more popular for many reasons. While it has several benefits for the right candidate, it also has vital disadvantages.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Liposuction Aspirator

Rate of Procedure

A nonsurgical liposuction aspirator lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. This means it takes much less time to perform than surgical liposuction. Many patients usually come for treatment between their everyday activities or during breaks from work.

Threats and Healing

This is the irrevocable number one reason why patients prefer nonsurgical liposuction aspirators. Patients can come in for therapeutics, then return to their systematic activities the same day because there are very few risks corresponding with non-invasive liposuction.

Inflammation, Blemish, and Affliction

Another reason why nonsurgical liposuction aspirator is such a popular treatment is that patients experience minimal pain, swelling, and bruising.

Surgeon Applies Much Less Energy

Devices that freeze fat cells do most of the work. Therefore liposuction procedures require little to no effort from the surgeon. The technician or surgeon attaches the freezing to the patient’s problem area after preparing both and then allows the machine to do the work.

Disadvantages of Nonsurgical Liposuction Aspirator


Nonsurgical liposuction often takes several treatments to achieve the aesthetic results a patient desires, which is one of its biggest pitfalls. Some procedures do not permanently eliminate fat; therefore, it isn’t an ideal treatment for large areas of fat.

Fees to the Patient

It usually costs more than the same as surgical liposuction since it often needs several procedures to eradicate fat deposits. In other words, your patient could gain the results they desire in one session as opposed to upwards of six sessions for the same price as nonsurgical liposuction.

Valuable Fees to Clinic

Significant factor surgeons should consider is the consumable costs of using a nonsurgical liposuction aspirator. Several cosmetic surgery clinics have not earned a return on investment using nonsurgical liposuction devices because the consumable price is so high. Yet, they are not ideal for all candidates and large volumes of fat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surgical Liposuction

In the cosmetic industry, surgical liposuction is still considered the gold standard. As technology continues to improve traditional liposuction’s safety and efficacy, it offers many advantages and delivers few benefits.

Advantages of Surgical Liposuction

  • Efficacy
  • Costs to Patient
  • Costs to the Physician

Disadvantages of Surgical Liposuction

  • Risks and side effects
  • Surgeon Fatigue
  • Recovery Time

The bottom line is in the future, to address some costs to the patient and surgeon as well as improve efficacy, non-invasive liposuction devices may advance. However, they can not be qualified investments for the patient or surgeon as they o not provide enough advantages.