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Why Your Testicles Want You To Ditch The Tighty Whities, Skip The Starbucks And Nut More

Why Your Testicles Want You To Ditch The Tighty Whities, Skip The Starbucks And Nut More

Sperm counts among men have more than halved in the last 40 years, research from the last few years suggests [1]. And while the exact cause for this drop is difficult to pinpoint, men who are facing fertility issues are at an advantage compared to the other sex; they mature new sperm every day.

This means that for many men struggling to conceive, their lower sperm count can often be reversed with a few simple lifestyle changes. In order to highlight this, fertility supplement experts Proxeed have pulled together a list of some of the ways men could be accidentally impacting their little swimmers in their day to day lives.

Your Underwear Are Too Tight

Perhaps one of the most well-known ways you can accidently impact your sperm count, numerous studies have proven that wearing tight underwear can seriously impact your swimmers. The problem comes from the fact that tight underwear don’t allow for airflow which can naturally cool your testicles and prevent warming.

Depending on the type of material and the tightness of the underwear themselves, the warming is thought to be anywhere between 0.5 ˚C to 0.8 ˚C.

You Need To Skip the Starbucks

Like all things in life moderation is key and keeping your daily caffeine intake at or below the recommended level 300 milligrams a day is unlikely to impact your sperm levels.

However, a study in 2017, originally published in Nutrition Journal revealed drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can increase your chances of having abnormally shaped sperm which can impact fertility [2].

You’re In Literal Hot Water

Testicles are experts at naturally regulating their temperature, in fact it’s one of the main reasons they are external to your body so that they can keep your sperm at, or just below, body temperature. You’ve likely noticed this natural response to temperature anytime you’ve dipped the boys into cold water, they naturally tighten or loosen.

This is why many experts often recommend avoiding extended periods in the hot tub or even a bath, as you can be exposing them to excessive heat – and essentially boiling them alive.

You’re Too Stressed

Too much stress is bad for every aspect of your health and your swimmers are no exception. While there is no one direct link between high stress levels and low sperm count, some research suggests hormones called glucocorticoids—released in response to prolonged stress—might be to blame for messing up your testosterone levels and semen quality [3].

You’re Drinking Too Much

Alcohol’s effect on sperm is more widespread and less specific than some of the others on this list, because alcohol is a toxin that causes oxygen-free radicals, which can damage sperm. Put simply, if you’re having more than three drinks a day, your swimmers are at risk.

You’re working from Home

Exposure to heat is known to affect sperm production, so it should come as no surprise that if you’re finding yourself sitting with a hot laptop on your lap all day it could have a negative impact on your sperm count. And even if you’re working from a computer not a laptop there is some evidence that prolonged periods of sitting, such as working at a desk all day can also have an impact.

Again it comes down to heat. Depending obviously on how you sit, however, warming is likely to occur due to your clothing and positioning of your legs. So potentially you may need to man-spread more for your sperm health.

You’re A Chef

Possibly the weirdest entry on the list it turns out that some professions can even have an impact on your sperm health – and the worst on the list? Chefs or other kitchen jobs. Why, because they’re exposed to the intense heat from the ovens

You Need To Nut More

Science says the more frequently men ejaculate the healthier their sperm is. In fact, a recent study published by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology showed men who ejaculated daily for seven days had higher-quality sperm at the end of the week than men who didn’t ejaculate [4].

Health experts recommend that males ejaculate once or twice a week to maintain optimum production.

You’re having a Hot Boy Summer

As with all things, there are often factors outside of your control impacting your sperm count but did you know that there’s some evidence the seasons could be one of them. Several studies, most recently in 2020, have found that sperm mobility and concentration are lower during the summer months compare to winter. The 2020 study also found that this seasonality can have a slight impact on the chances of successful fertilisation, with the highest fertilisation rate occurring in autumn [5].   compared sperm samples taken in the summer and winter from 131 men and found an average 30 percent reduction in sperm counts in summer versus winter.

Wearing underwear to bed: What's the verdict? - Times of India

Again, this likely comes down to keeping your swimmers cool.

You’re Friends with Mary Jane

Marijuana may seems innocuous enough, but it turns out the drug can really take a toll on your manhood. Studies suggest smoking marijuana can have a serious impact on the overall sperm quality, mainly by decreasing testosterone levels [6].

The more you smoke, the more you lower your testosterone levels inside the testicle itself, which is where your sperm is made.


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